Apple Watch Series 7: Developers Complain about Missing Icons

The larger screen of the computer clock leads to changes in the necessary graphic formats. A bug now makes third-party apps invisible.

The Apple Watch Series 7 celebrated the official start of sales in Germany last Friday. Developers of various apps report that the 45 mm model of the new Apple Watch Series 7 can cause problems with the “honeycomb” display in third-party apps. The affected app icons simply disappear.

If you are the lucky owner of an Apple Watch Series 7, you may experience peculiarities with the “Honeycomb” app display. This is reported by various developers who are themselves affected by their programs.

Apple Watch Series 7 Icons Disappear

According to James Thomson, the developer of the popular Carrot weather app, the problem with the missing icons is limited to the 45 mm model of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Apparently, a bug is causing icons and complications on the larger Smartwatch display of the Series 7 to not be displayed correctly and not be visible. The icon problem cannot be checked on the Xcode simulator, according to the developer.

Apple Watch Series 7 002

Applications such as the popular PCalc calculator or the Carrot weather app suddenly no longer show any icons – they are simply empty. The developers concerned integrated their own customized icons into their app packages for the larger screen of the new computer clock.

We learned more information about this Apple Watch Series 7 from this Twitter link below.

In the meantime, however, there seems to be a workaround for the icon bug on the Apple Watch Series 7: Users with “invisible icons” can either wait for the app to be updated via the Apple App Store or the corresponding app with the missing ones Remove icons manually or then add them again. The newly downloaded program version will then have the working app symbols and complications.

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