Bounce-Bike for 865 Euros: A-Bike or Bicycle

E-Bike or Bicycle with the Bonc Bike you have to look twice to discover the motor and battery. This benefits you, also in terms of price. It starts at 865 Euros.

The Bonc-Bike from London is a very inconspicuous e-bike. The battery is integrated into the frame. An additional battery in the shape of a drinking bottle extends the range. The pedaled weighs just less than 16 kilograms.

Experience the power of an e-bike motor while pretending to ride a bike? The inconspicuous Bonc-Bike makes this possible. If you don’t feel like a very eye-catching e-bike, you should be well-advised about it. Thanks to the stealth look, the Bonc-Bike could not be directly targeted by bicycle thieves.

Bonc E-Bike

A new contender in the race to make the sleekest, most unassuming electric bike out there, London’s Bonc uses a frame-integrated battery to maintain the thin-tubed diamond geometry of a classic road commuter.

Bonc Bike for 865 Euros.

The downside of that sleek, classic construction is that the slim battery limits the electric pedal-assist range, so Bonc offers an equally inconspicuous water bottle-style range-extender to boost it up to a robust 85 miles (137 km). This means the Bonc can serve as a slim, lightweight bike for in-town commutes and a longer-range electric steed for more ambitious journeys.

Bonk Bike Technical Specifications

What are the technical specifications on this E-Bike mentioned below.

External Battery Weight- 108 Kilogram
Total Weight- 16 Kilogram
Display- IP65 LCD
Drive Mode- Cadence Sensor
Battery- 7AH
Charge Time- 2.5 H
Frame Material- 6061 Aerospace Aluminum
Frame Type- Urban Road
Drive train- Single Speed or 6- Speed
Brake Set- Mechanical Disc Brake
Seat Post Collar- Quick Release
Seat Post Diameter- 30.4 mm
Tires- 32c
Wheel Size- 700V
Tube Valves- Presta Valve

What’s Include in Bonc Bike?

Bonc-Bike, Removal Kickstand, Charger, Allen Key& Spanner Wrench, Aluminum Ownership BlockChain Card, Bonc Branded Canvas Drawstring Bag all of this has been included with this Bonc-Bike.

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