Does Ola S1 have Keys?

Does your Ola Electric Scooter have keys, if you want to know if your OLA scooter has keys or not then read this post till the end?

Ola Electric Scooter has brought a huge impression on people’s minds because of its impressive design facility and great technology. Ola is ruling over every heart of the eclectic lover. Ola promises to lead the segment of the electric scooter and delivers top-rated features to its customers.

Ola s1 has created hype in the customers that they are offering the best segment of electric scooters. When you look at the design of the Ola S1 you will say wow how beautifully the manufacturers of S1 have inserted a crisp and modern look in their electric scooter.

It is one of the modern fitting electric scooters where gaps and panels are tightly fitted with great material quality. You will never feel cheap when you actually ride this vehicle. Let’s learn more about Does electric scooter have key?

Does Ola S1 Pro have Digital Key?

One of the most impressive things about the S1 pro is it doesn’t have any physical keys to start and unlock this vehicle. This vehicle can be unlocked by entering 6 digit code on the touchscreen or by using your phone application.

Does Ola S1 have keys

Even the compartment of the S1 can be only unlocked by the touchscreen. It has three riding modes to compromise the road quality. You may see a drastic reduction in the performance of the scooter once you ride it continuously for 10 minutes in hyper mode.

You should maintain its top speed and acceleration while riding to prevent it from unwanted dullness. This powerful scooter can run up to 135km on a single charge. This scooter requires a charging time of 6 to 8 hours for a complete charge.

It has brought a new revolution in the motor industry and easily captured the attention of the youth through its powerful performance. The accelerator of this scooter is very realistic. If you have the craze of riding a good electric scooter, then you should take a ride on Ola S1 pro.

Outstanding Specs of Ola S1

This vehicle serves outstanding performance to customers and this is the main reason behind the popularity of the S1 pro. The overall looks and finish of the vehicles are meeting the expectations of the customers.

The first impression where everyone’s eyes go is towards their touch screen which is very classy with great resolution.

You will never feel bored with Ola S1 7.0 touchscreen display. When we talk about the responsiveness of the screen then let me be clear for you, it never lags and always serves great response.

The user interface of Ola is very intuitive. You can pair your mobile phones with Bluetooth technology. You can also control your music and calls just like car infotainment. The most important feature of the Ola S1 is it has navigation features right over your touch screen.

Is Ola S1 battery removable?

No, ola S1 doesn’t facilitate you with the removal battery system. You are free to install 3 pin connection in your parking from your meter box.

Does the electric scooter have keys?

No, the Ola S1 pro doesn’t have any physical keys. All the work is done by entering a 6-digit code or by using the phone application. Even a compartment of the scooter is handled by code or application. It is not designed to have a key.

Is Ola S1 a failure?

After several incidents with the Ola scooters like fire accidents, it has faced mechanical failures. People are continuing to share this incident on different social media platforms which is a great failure of Ola S1.


We have gathered all the little as well as important information about the Does Ola S1 have keys? It has included the latest technology in its vehicles to meet the desire of the customers. The scooter is always ready to beat the heavy performance. Hope the information is useful and willing to read more about it.