Facebook Messenger Adds Group AR Effects and Games to Video Calls

Facebook Messenger is rolling out new augmented reality (AR) experiences to video calls and Messenger Rooms, the platform’s videoconferencing feature.

Facebook Messenger’s augmented reality effects are no longer limited to individuals. The social media company has introduced a Group Effects feature that, as the name implies, enables AR effects for everyone in a video call.

Some of the 70-plus effects are just for giggles (such as giving everyone a beard), but others are shared experiences like games. You can compete to build a hamburger if you’re so inclined.

Facebook Augmented Reality Effects

The Facebook Messenger gets new features. For all those who find normal video calls too boring, there will be even more AR (Augmented Reality) gimmicks. Group effects in Messenger video calls and messenger rooms are now feasible – and soon also on Instagram.

Facebook AR Effects

The group effects are new AR experiences that all participants in a video call can add to at the same time, which should enable a more fun and intense connection with friends and family.

At least that’s how Facebook sees it – you probably have a lot of kiddies in the back of your mind who like something like that. Users can choose from a library of over 70 group effects. Well, then have fun.

Group Effects work for everyone on the video call, as Facebook says it’s aiming to make AR effects a shared experience. Users can now choose from a library of more than 70 group effects, including a game where you compete to build the best burger the fastest.

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