Is Ola S1 Discontinued?

Is Ola S1 discontinued? Hey, are you willing to step into the next generation with an electric scooter? if yes, then you are at the right place because we have brought an awesome electric Scooter for you with lots of potential specs. The world is moving toward the next generation and everyone is looking for electric material.

Last year the manufacturer of Ola decided to manufacture only the upper segments of the Ola electric scooter. They quit manufacturing lower-segment scooters like Ola S1. But the thing is they are giving every potential feature as well as performance in the Ola S1 pro. Now let’s find out if OLA S1 will stop.

Is OLA Stops production in India?

Ola S1 Pro is providing all the potential Desires of the users who’re demanding the electric scooter. it has got much-advanced technology to facilitate the customers in their daily life. Right now it is available only in one variant. it is holding the price of 1,51,777 for the standard variant.

Is Ola S1 discontinued

When we talk about the ranges of this electric scooter then let me explain to you it can run up to 167 km on a single charge. Ola S1 Pro electric scooter introduces that customer to the new future of mobility.

It is one of the most advanced electric scooters ever. This electric scooter is available in 10 different stunning colors which makes it attractive for every customer.

Are Ola S1 Sales down?

Right the last year, Ola has faced many different categories of issues while manufacturing the Ola electric scooter. The people are also showing their negative response to the Ola company. Sometimes the electric scooter from Ola catches fire.

The company claims that they are trying to manufacture eclectic scooters at a very less price that’s why they are failing in addressing the user’s demand. From the last 2022, Ola decided to discontinue manufacturing lower variants of electric scooters like the Ola S1.

In the place of Ola S1 companies are manufacturing upper-segment electric scooters which is Ola S1 pro. Ola S1 pro is gaining a positive response from Ola customers.

Is Ola Stops production of the S1 electric scooter?

Yes, Ola has stopped the production of the lower segment of the electric scooter like the Ola S1. In the starting, Ola gained huge hype among the people but somewhere they get failed in solving the user’s problem.

Customers started to claim different faults in the electric scooter which turns in the failure of Ola S1. The manufacturers of the Ola notified their customers that they are manufacturing the upper segment of the electric scooter and discontinuing S1.

What is the waiting period for Ola S1 pro?

The manufacturer of Ola companies claims to deliver the user’s order within the next 15 days of receiving the order. They also claim that sometimes they are able in delivering the electric scooter within 24 hours. Customers can receive Ola S1 pro within a week.

What is Ola S1 Pro?

Ola S1 pro is an electric scooter that is only available in 1 variant. However, it is available in 10 different color options. The price of the eclectic scooter starts at rs 1,15.777.

Is Ola S1 available in Mumbai?

Yes, you can get the top version of Ola S1 pro in Mumbai city. It starts with the price of 1,04.093.


What do you think about this Is Ola S1 discontinued? Ola is continuously going popularity among users through its powerful performance. It is effectively addressing the user’s demand and providing them with a great way of mobility.

The work of exploring can be easily done with the Ola which can run up to 130 km on a single charge. Hope you liked the information and are willing to read more about it.