Is OLA S1 Pro Good?

Is OLA S1 Pro Good? Whenever we think of buying an electric scooter, the name Ola S1 Pro definitely comes to our mind because Ola electric scooters have disrupted the two-wheeler electric vehicle market.

But like every human being, before buying an electric scooter the question definitely comes to mind.

Should I buy an Ola S1 Pro? Is it really a good electric scooter in its price range? So, to find out this answer I’m going to share my view based on my experience. In this article, we will learn about OLA S1 Pro good or bad from the below facts.

Is Ola S1 Pro Best?

In my opinion, OLA S1 Pro is a very good electric scooter in terms of Design, comfort Range, Acceleration, Performance, and features. As we know Ola or any other electric manufacturer has niggling issues with EV Technology But definitely, we say Ola did an excellent job on quality control.

Is OLA SI Pro Good

When it was launched last year, some bugs were seen in it and there were also some technology lags but it has been corrected by the company through updates over time.

New Ola Electric Move OS 2.0 Update changed the game for Ola Electric scooter owners Because of this it has become more value for money. If you want to know about Ola S1 having Keys then click this link.

Now let’s talk about some points why the ola S1 is a good scooter and why we should consider it when buying an electric scooter at an On-road price in Delhi ₹ 1,29,576.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Ola S1 Pro Scooter?

If you are planning to buy an Ola S1 Pro, then you should check out these points.

#1. Ola S1 Pro Design

Ola S1 Pro Design has a really unique front and rear end dominated by the large 12-inch wheels. upfront single-sided suspension delivering a nice peek to the alloy wheel.

smiley-faced two projector LED lamps reminiscent of modernity and youthful classic scooter design. In terms of the overall design, it is proportionate giving good road presence and the rear is Smooth.

#2. Ola S1 Pro Quality

In terms of Quality solidity, the feel is missing a plastic fit and the finish seems to be lacking. on the switchgear plastic buttons, the tactile feel is missing you will take some time to get used to rubber buttons. Overall Build quality is decent.

#3. Ola S1 Pro Comfort

If you want comfort then you must buy the Ola S1 pro while driving their handlebar is positioned a bit taller delivering good riding position seat cushioning is also good. It’s Very comfortable.

Their tubeless Tyres perform well on bad roads. The boot space is very good. In my words Compared to any other EV scooter, the Ola S1 Pro riding position is a lot more comfortable.

#4. Ola S1 Pro Performance

Ola S1 Pro power acceleration is really quick in hyper and sports mode. If you switch the scooter to hyper mode 0-60 kph acceleration is achieved in just 5 seconds and then you can drive at a top speed of 112 kph.

Based on my personal experience I realized that a person with lesser weight probably got better acceleration.

#5. Ola S1 Pro OS2 Features

Ola S1 Pro now comes in OS2 software with this biggest upgrade now we get an Eco ride mode to deliver better range by capping top speed at 40kmph. In Eco mode, you get a respectable range of 170 kilometers with 100 percent battery.

In the new OS 2.0 update, MapMedia brings with it onboard navigation by swiping the left navigation screen can be accessed the full-screen map layout looks fantastic.

Is Ola Scooter Really Good?

Ola Electric scooter is best for Indian customers in the electric segment. It’s having long-range ride good battery life filled up with high acceleration power Very comfortable off-road and overall, it’s the best in performance.

Does Ola S1 Pro Come with a Safety Guard?

No, the Ola S1 Pro does not come with a safeguard.


In this article, we get to know about Is OLA S1 Pro Good? This is really a good electric scooter now Ola S1 Pro is now available with Move OS2 now you get an extra add-on feature like an Eco mode music player and cruise control. Their Android application allows users to monitor the scooter.

Overall S1 Pro experience is a really good ride that went smoothly without any hustle. This has lots of tech packages that make it worth buying.