Is Ola S1 pro waterproof?

If you have bought an OLA Electric Scooter and are wondering if the OLA s1 Pro Electric Scooter is waterproof or not. If you want to know more, read the post till the end.

Is Ola S1 Pro waterproof? Ola is one of the best electric scooters and it performs best in the market. The features and performance of the Ola electric scooter are impressive. This is the main reason behind the popularity of electric scooters.

When we talk about the maintenance and cleaning of the Ola scooter, then let me make it clear it is easy to maintain and clean. Every process can be done in simple ways with proper instructions.

All you need is to follow the proper instructions before cleaning the Ola scooter. However, you are not going to face any problems because this Ola S1 pro is waterproof. This Ola S1 is powered by an 8500watt mid-drive motor facility.

It has good motor power to drive you to the real world. If you are willing to get some more information regarding the Is S1 Pro Waterproof, make sure to read the whole article. We have discussed some of the queries of the customers.

Is Ola Electric Scooter Waterproof?

Yes, Ola S1 features a waterproof display. It is a newly launched electric scooter that possesses many different facilities for the customers of Ola. It has a good motor of 8500 watts which can be fully charged in 6 to 7 hours. It has 3.97kwh of battery which can take you to the higher range.

Is Ola S1 pro waterproof

This electric scooter comes with a waterproof facility that helps you with the easy cleaning of the electric scooter. Some precautions are listed by the Ola company which drive the users through the easy cleaning of the Ola S1 pro. It can generate a maximum torque of 58nm. It has a two-wheel disc brake.

This electric scooter is designed for maintaining even the worst conditions like bad weather or heavy rain. This scooter is ready to handle all the bad factors and push you to a great performance. It increases reliability and performance even in the worst conditions.

The motor and instrumental cluster of the Ola S1 pro are surely going to be waterproof to some extent. This is a really good scooter with good mileage and design.

Does rain affect Electric Bikes?

I think not because the manufacturer of the Ola company claims that they are delivering a waterproof scooter that can’t be affected even in heavy rain.

Yes, it can get wet, but the performance of the electric scooter remains unaffected because it is water-resistant. This scooter is perfectly made for riding in the rainy season. You can even park your electric scooter in the rain.

Is the Ola Scooter made of metal?

Yes. The Ola scooter is made of both metal and fiber, which is very useful in increasing the durability of the product.

Can you ride an Electric scooter in light rain?

Yes, the electric scooter can be ridden in light rain, but riding in heavy rain may cause electrical system damage in the electric scooter.

Can an Electric scooter go uphill?

Yes, it can easily cover the distance of the hilly areas.


Some of the factors highlighted in the article are that Is Ola S1 pro waterproof and increase the effectiveness of the electric scooter. You wouldn’t face any problems with the Ola electric scooter. It has good motor power and performance.