Is the Ola S1 Pro Battery Removable?

Are you having a battery problem in your new OLA S1 Pro Electric scooter, do you want to know, if Is Ola S1 Battery is Removable then read the post completely till the end.

Is the Ola S1 Pro Battery removable? Hey, are you desiring to bring a new Ola S1 pro into your home but hesitating about some of the features and specifications of Ola S1? If your answer is yes then make sure to read this whole article because in this article we are going to clear some of the user’s queries regarding the battery and battery life of Ola S1 pro.

Ola is constantly gaining the user’s impression through their impressive performance. Ola is constantly including all the impressive technology in their Ola S1 pro. It is reaching a high peak in its sale. It offers you the best energy to explore your favorite destination and many more. This high-range Ola scooter will let you enjoy every climate journey hassle-free with lots of boot space.

The company claims that their scooter can run up to 203 continuously on a single charge which is a great thing done by Ola as compared to any other electric scooter. The eco mode of Ola is great in performing best and giving users the desire to cover long destinations.

The potential of the Ola scooter can be checked at any point and I believed that Ola will never fail in performing best. Let’s learn more about the Is Ola S1 Pro Battery Removable.

Is the Ola S1 Pro Removable Battery?

No, the battery of the Ola S1 pro can’t be removed as Ola doesn’t come with a removable battery pack. However, you can install a normal connection in the parking space allotted to you. It doesn’t claim any removable battery.

Is the Ola S1 pro battery removable

You can insert 3 pin connection in the meter box which can be easily done by any local electrician. The batteries in the Ola scooter are fixed to power your high-class energy density which is always ready to take you to your best. The minimum weight of the Ola scooter battery is 7 kg which can be charged with any 15A charging socket.

Ola claims that the battery of the Ola S1 pro fully charged in 2 to 3 hours which is a very impressive technology by Ola. A single charge of the battery can travel up to 203KM distance. The hardest thing which is done by the manufacturer of Ola S1 pro is they provided a good boot-up space to store all your necessary items.

Ola is currently using an NMC cell which is a banana-shaped battery pack full of power and energy. With all these features Ola is performing well in the market and reaching to huge quantity of customers.

Why does Ola have no removable batteries?

The reason is simple here Ola wants to power up with high-class energy density to ensure you the highest range, and good safety. They provide maximum boot space to store all your items.

If any unauthorized activity is done in the battery of the Ola like removal or replacement of the battery, it may clear the warranty period of Ola. Never remove the original battery otherwise you may lose the best performance of Ola S1 pro.

What type of battery is used in Ola S1 pro?

The battery used by Ola S1 pro is NMC cells which are very powerful in generating energy. It is sourced from Korea’s chemistry which is looked like the shape of the banana structure. It is a compromise of 224 cells.

Can I remove the Ola scooter battery?

No, you can’t remove the battery of the Ola scooter but you can inject 3 pin connection in your meter box.

Is Ola S1 pro worth it?

When we talk about the worthiness of ola, in the terms of features and performance Ola is worth taking a fun ride and showing off.


We have covered some of the queries regarding the Is the Ola S1 Pro Battery removable? It is made to make your journey fun and remarkable. In terms of features, it is a good-range electric scooter. In the near future, Ola can take it a notch higher.