10+ Jay Thakkar Telegram Channel (December 2022)

If you are looking for the Best Jay Thakkar Instagram For the Stock market, then this post gives you the link to the Jay Thakkar Options Telegram Channel link to join.

Hey, are you interested in Jay Thakkar Today Call Telegram Channel and investing in stocks?

If your answer is yes then you are on the right platform because today we are going to cover some of the best telegram channels of Jay Thakkar which share amazing quality content in their telegram channel.

All the channels are authentic and never share any fake information with the users.

The demand for intraday training in evolving right in the market and many newbies are willing to invest their amount in the stocks.

The reason behind the investment is very simple they are seeing huge numbers of people asking for decent income through intraday trading in stocks.

Stocks are something that can return you a good profit amount or may lose you if you have an inadequate amount of knowledge. Here we will tell you which is the best Jay Thakkar Zee Business Telegram.

What is The Jay Thakkar Share Market Telegram Channel?

Jay Thakkar is a well-known stock marketer who shares all the tips and tricks with their students to start income in intraday stock marketing.

He is one of the well-known players in trading who is making a decent income by investing in stocks. You can know more about Dream 11 by clicking this Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channels link.

Jay Thakkar telegram Channel

The market of stocks is very big and Harsat Mehta has said it is something that can eliminate the thirst of the whole world.

So, let’s see some of the best telegram channels. Don’t forget to check below provided links.👇

  1. VIP Betting Tips Telegram Channels
  2. 1xbet Telegram Channel
  3. 5Paisa Telegram Channels

List of 5 Best Jay Thakkar Telegram Channels

All the admins of the channel solve all the issues of their audience and help them in building their experience and knowledge. Let’s check the channels one by one.

#1. Jay Thakkar’s official

It is the official channel of jay Thakkar and if you are desiring the best channel to learn stocks marketing then this channel is made for you.

It has all the information related to trading and much more.

Every individual even the newbies can perfectly handle all the stocks and trades. You can start earning a decent amount from trading once you started following this channel.

The fan base of this channel is 3.2k subscribers which is rapidly increasing.

#2. Jay Thakkar CMT Unofficial

This is an unofficial channel jay but it also has a good collection of information regarding the stock market.

The subscriber base of this channel is quite low but it keeps constantly delivering quality content to the users so, that they can start earning from the stocks marketing.

Everyone can join this channel absolutely free of cost. The fan base of this channel is 1k subscribers.

#3. Nifty Intraday Geeks by Jayesh Thakkar

If you are searching for a channel on telegram which shares authentic content related to trades then this channel may be useful for you.

It has all the latest updates and information about the increment and decreases meant by the stock market.

This channel is regulated by an expert admin. The subscriber base of the channel is 4479.

#4. CA Jaydip Thakkar Class 11 Army

This is one of the best channels for class 11 students who are performing well in the commerce section and desiring to do something in the field of the stock market.

This channel shares all the information and content of the stock marketing from the 0 levels. You can master stocks from the zero level. The subscriber base of the channel is 573 members.

#5. CA Jay Thakkar Class 12 Army

Jay Thakkar Tips is the last and the most popular channel for 12th-class students. The channel is very good at providing authentic content to users.

It never shares any fake information and all the information on the channel is regulated by the admin.

When we talk about the subscriber base of the channel right now it holds 620 members.

Jay Thakkar Telegram Channel List 2022

Jay Thakkar Telegram Channel LinkJoin Link
Jay Thakkar’s officialClick Here
Jay Thakkar CMT UnofficialClick Here
Nifty Intraday Geeks by Jayesh ThakkarClick Here
CA Jaydip Thakkar Class 11 ArmyClick Here
CA Jay Thakkar Class 12 ArmyClick Here
BANKNIFTY BLACK BULLS ( sharemarketClick Here
Jayesh Thakkar Intradey Geeks Course Financial Freedom All AboutClick Here
HERO ZERO ( Banknifty / Sharemarket ) jay ThakkarClick Here

Is there channel illegal?

No channel is illegal every channel shares authentic content with the users.

What is the best channel related to stock marketing?

We have listed some of the best channels for gaining information related to stock marketing in the article. Make sure to go through them.


We have highlighted some of the best Jay Thakkar Telegram channels for stock marketing to complete your desire of earning from stock marketing.

You can gain lots of quality education from all these channels. Hope you liked the information and are willing to read more about it.