Mark Zuckerberg Confirms what’s New in WhatsApp

WhatsApp regularly receives new functions. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has personally named three new features in Whatsapp.

WhatsApp will get three new features in the future. Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook, has announced the innovations. WhatsApp has unexpectedly reached out to me to confirm that some important features are coming on WhatsApp!

Several new features are currently in the works for messaging service WhatsApp, according to the official WhatsApp official blog and insider website WABetaInfo. This will include three new features.

Whatsapp three new features

In the chat with “WABetaInfo”, Zuckerberg announces three new features, some of which “WABetaInfo” has reported on in the past: “We are about to roll out the ‘self-extinguishing mode'”, writes Zuckerberg. The mode is intended to extend the “self-erasing messages” function. If it is switched on, chat messages are automatically deleted after seven days.

Mark Zuckerberg confirms what's new in WhatsApp

In the future, there will also be the “view once” function. If this is switched on, contributions disappear immediately after the recipient has viewed them.

We learned more information about these Whatsapp three new features from this Twitter link below.

The platform helps billions of its users remain connected with their friends, family, and close ones however far they live as long as they have the app installed in their Android/iOS phones. The popular messaging platform keeps bringing new updates every now and then to enhance the user’s experience. That’s what keeps the users hooked to WhatsApp.

At the request of “WABetaInfo”, Cathcart also said that WhatsApp could be available for iPads in the future. There should also be more places for the trial version on iOS.

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