What is the Battery Life of the Ola S1 Pro?

What is the battery life of the Ola S1 pro? Hey, are you willing to gain some top-notched information about the new Ola electric scooter? If your answer is yes, then make sure to read the whole article because later in the article we will discuss the battery performance and more about the Ola electric scooter. Ola is becoming the top-notched choice for every customer who is willing to purchase an electric scooter.

Ola S1 pro is not only an electric scooter. It is a powerful appliance equipped with all the powerful and latest technology. By looking at the performance and technology of the electric Ola S1 pro any customer can desire the Ola S1 pro. Ola promises to deliver a real-life change in the form of an electric scooter.

The company facilitates the users with many amazing things which reduce comfort and increase the product’s worthiness. Ola can extensively take you on a ride and covers a distance of 132km on a single charge. Some of the users posted queries about the Ola S1 Pro Battery Life. If your query is still so here is the answer highlighted below.

Ola S1 Pro Battery Capacity

The manufacturer of the Ola claims that Ola S1 pro can run up to 132 km on a single charge which is an amazing thing embedded in the Ola. Many electric scooters are facing the problem of battery life which is very less as compared with the demand of the people. Ola S1 pro is capable of overcoming the user’s desire by increasing the battery life of the electric scooter.

What is the battery life of the Ola S1 pro

Ola claims that Ola S1 pro has a 3.9 kWh battery which takes 6 hours to fully juice up the battery. The battery is portable with all the home chargers. The battery of the Ola S1 pro is made of lithium Ion battery which is very powerful in increasing the performance of the battery by reducing the charging hours.

You don’t have to charge for long hours with the lithium-ion battery because it is one of the biggest batteries yet. The company states that after riding extensively for 90 Km the battery reduces up to 15 percent which is the pros of the Ola S1 pro. However, you can increase the real range of the electric scooter by switching to Eco mode.

How long will the Ola Battery last?

The company assures that an Ola battery can last up to 7 years if it is taken in fully maintained ways. You will never face any issues with the Ola battery if you don’t replace it with another battery. Ola cut the warranty period of the battery if you replaced the original battery of Ola with the outside battery.

In case you do so, you will not be accessible for claiming the warranty in Ola. However, the battery of Ola can be replaced with another battery by Ola after a certain period of time.

How many batteries are in Ola S1 pro?

Ola S1 pro uses NMC batteries in their scooters. It is one of the most powerful batteries yet available on the market. This battery comes in a banana-like shape. It included 224 cells which are split into 112 each.

How long does Ola S1 pro take to charge?

Ola S1 Pro can be charged in 6 hours. The hours may increase because we are assuming the company claims. It can be charged with a portable charger of 750 watts.

Who is supplying batteries to Ola?

The batteries are supplied by the south Korean-based Lg chem for the Ola eclectic scooters. This is one of the most expensive battery cells.


In this post, you get to know What is the battery life of the Ola S1 pro? We have listed your queries with the best answers and reviews by the customer of Ola. Ola is one of the successful companies in terms of delivering electric scooters. You can expect good performance and technology in the Ola S1 pro.