WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature in Beta

New function for the popular Messenger: WhatsApp can now be used on multiple devices at the same time. Learn how to link devices here.

WhatsApp can now be used on up to 5 devices at the same time. This even works if the main device, i.e. a cell phone, is offline or defective. The feature should now be active for the first users, apparently, a lever is being thrown on the server-side because no extra update was distributed.

The multi-device support with WhatsApp is currently being gradually distributed to several users. So you can then use WhatsApp on other devices such as tablets, etc. in addition to the main smartphone.

WhatsApp Beta Update

The WhatsApp Messenger opens the beta for multi-device support. Accordingly, all users can now get an impression of how you can use WhatsApp on the desktop without a connected iPhone.

WhatsApp- Multi-Device Feature in Beta

That is a Big Advantage: While the iPhone always had to be close by until now, you can do without it in the beta. All messages, media, and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. A maximum of four companion devices can be used at the same time, with the link being broken if you have not used your phone for 14 days.

Whatsapp on Multiple Devices: How it Works?

In order to be able to use WhatsApp on several devices, select the menu item “Linked devices”. In the following, you will learn how to activate the new function, add and remove devices and use WhatsApp on your PC or Mac.

We learned more information about WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature in Beta from this Twitter link below.

New Beta Makes it Possible to Rate Contributions by Business Users

The new WhatsApp beta for Android in version introduces a function that allows you to rate the contributions of business users. Even before that, there was a chance to mark such posts as spam. But now you can also leave feedback / a rating.

This is done by tapping the corresponding message and then holding it down for a longer period of time. The following options will then appear in the new Android beta.

Multi-Device Requires New Architecture

For multi-device support, the WhatsApp developers had to adapt the functionality of the app.

The reason is the end-to-end encryption, which is still guaranteed. So far, encryption worked like this: As soon as a conversation began between two users, their apps exchanged a private encryption code.

These codes were used to encrypt the messages before they were sent and to automatically decrypt them on the target device when they were received.

Essentially the same thing happens with the new version, except that code lists are now swapped. There is a code for each linked device, so the messages are encrypted and sent separately for each recipient device.

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