WhatsApp’s New Emoji Feature Lets Users React to Messages that Have Similar to Imessage, Twitter

It has been known for some time that WhatsApp’s is working on a new function that allows users to react to messages directly with an emoji.

We recently reported on the new emoji feature that WhatsApp is currently working on. Its main purpose is to save time and avoid writing unnecessary messages. Because instead of answering with a short “Yes”, “No” or an emoji, you will in the future be able to answer a message from contact with a reaction.

WhatsApp thus picks up on something that has been around for a long time on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram.

WhatsApp New Emoji

WhatsApp has been spotted testing a new feature that allows users to react to messages.

WhatsApp's new Emoji function

This feature is available on other platforms such as Instagram and Messenger. With the new feature, users will just have to tap and hold the message that they want to react to and then drag their fingers to the appropriate emoji. The reaction will be visible right below the text.

Individual notifications for emoji reactions

After it recently became known that WhatsApp was working on reactions for messages in chats, further details about the settings are now coming to light. She discovered the always well-informed website Wabetainfo. WhatsApp is apparently planning settings that allow notifications about reactions to messages to be switched on and off.

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging tool, was recently rumored to be integrating responses to messages. Recently, a new report has clarified how message reactions would appear and function on WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s upcoming message replies feature will allow users to react to messages using emoticons, akin to Apple’s iMessage, Twitter, and Facebook’s own Instagram and Messenger.

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