Now Windows 11 is Available in India, Release Date and Specifications

The Microsoft Company released a Windows 11 version in India on 05 October 2021. Let’s check the Processor, Specifications and requirements of new Windows.

The new Windows 11 launched by Microsoft is now available in India on dated 5 October 2021.

You will learn more about windows 11 and the full specifications of windows- 11 here.

You will also find out what windows 11 is not, which was in windows 10, and what features have been removable. And how Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 has been in the news for a while and this is because it brings a lot of new features and improvements. One of the most notable changes is that it now runs on your mobile device as well as your laptop or desktop which takes multitasking to a whole new level.

One of the most notable changes is that Windows 11 now runs on your mobile device as well as your laptop or desktop which takes multitasking to a whole new level.

Windows 11 Requirements

The Windows 11 system requirements are a huge improvement on the previous versions. Most of the requirements are quite reasonable and if you have a PC that meets these requirements, it should run perfectly well on most occasions.

Windows 11

The only exception is the RAM requirement. Windows 11 is now requiring 16GB of RAM to be installed in order to run smoothly. If you’re not sure about your PC’s specifications, we recommend downloading our free PC Diagnostic Tool and running it to find out what your computer is running on.

Windows 11 is now available across the world and we recommend that you download and install it as soon as possible because Microsoft has included some really interesting features

In Windows 11 are some additional details regarding requirements for key features is 5G support- 5G capable modem, HDR monitor, a USB flash drive, a processor with second-level address translation capabilities, a microphone and speaker, 1 TB or greater NVMe SSD, DirectX 12 Ultimate, Intelligent Video Conferencing, Multiple Voice Assistant, Snap, Mute/Unmute from Taskbar, Spatial Sound, Microsoft Teams, touch, Two-factor Authentication, Voice Typing, Wake on Voice, WiFi 6E, Windows Hello, Windows Projection, an Xbox Live account.

Windows 11 Feature Deprecations and Removals

Windows 11 introduces many new features and improvements over Windows 10. But it also deprecates some old features which were useful for some users. This article lists the deprecated and removed features from Windows 10 to help you prepare for your migration.

Some of the default apps have been replaced with alternatives in Windows 11, but there are still a few old favorites that have been retired from the platform.

Learn more about the features listed below when turning Windows 10 into Windows 11.
When Windows 11 is created the Cortana will no longer be included in the first boot experience, Desktop wallpaper cannot be roamed when signed in with an MS account, documentation is disabled on Internet Explorer, Maths Input Panel, Tablet Mode, News & Interests has evolved, Quick Status setting removes, Snipping Tool is renamed as Snip & Sketch, and other features are removed by Microsoft Windows 11.

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